Problems, and the Human Conditions on our Planet…

Problems, and the Human Conditions on our Planet…

Problems, and the Human Conditions on our Planet…
Dear Friends of my Psychic Services, TV/Radio Shows & Blog,

This is my response to your many inquiries about life, problems, and the human condition of our planet:

I appreciate your honesty, and the fact that you understand UNWORKED KARMA…Karma, or Destiny, is based on the use of our FREE WILL…psychics are supposed to be inspired when giving readings, to tell the person getting the reading WHAT, HOW and WHEN they will USE that free will, which is about 15% of live. That 15% is a true gift from God. Our Creator who wants us to work out our karma, and use our free will CORRECTLY. That’s why psychic readings can rarely be 100% accurate. However, what good psychics will certainly try to do is to discern that 15%! The universe keeps giving people new and more imaginative chances for work out karma, but sooner or later, the karmic options run out, and POW!!!!!!!!!!! That’s when people say, “What? How could that have happened to such a good person????” It is usually Karma, as it rears its truthful, honest, soulful head.

It’s simple. Most people are resistant to learning universal truth, intelligence and consciousness…I believe that is what it is all about….rejoining with Universal Intelligence, with divine insight… I believe the ultimate soul purpose and goal is what is called “soul mastery.” I believe that is why most of us are all on the earth. (Some folks though are here strictly as teachers, with little or no karma. Their balancing act is to teach and inspire, while not incurring any new karma.)

It is all about “soul lessons,” or soul growth, just like school. Summer vacations from school are like the “after death” experience. That is why death is often called “Summerland.”

It is a pleasure and an honor to stand beside you in spirit. – Love. Joyce www.JoyceKeller.com

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