Services & Products

Services & Products

Joyce, a best-selling author, psychic dream analyst, TV/radio host, does accurate and inspiring phone or emailed readings for YOU, as well as on her own TV and shows. You may have seen her on Regis, Oprah, Joan Rivers, Geraldo, Sally, Ricki, Joey Reynolds, WABC-TV, WOR-TV, WNBC, WPIX-TV News, and other major TV & radio shows. She is sincere, caring, and the “real deal.”

All reading requests can be directed to: joycekellertvradio@gmail.com / Phone: 1 (201) 713-6944

EMAIL CHANNELED SOUL READING, ONE QUESTION, thoroughly answered, and in-depth. Just email first names, and birth dates, if possible. Reading includes spirit messages from guides, loved ones, & pets. After paying through PayPal, please send question & birth dates to joycekellertvradio@gmail.com An in-depth reading will be channeled for you, and sent to you by email.

EMAILED, CHANNELED SOUL READING: THREE QUESTIONS, thoroughly answered. Include first names, birthdates, if possible. Includes messages from loved ones, guides, spirit teachers, pets. An in-depth reading will be channeled for you, and sent to you by email.

WHO WERE YOU IN YOUR PAST LIVES? WHY ARE YOU HERE? Personal Past Life Reading, sent to you by email for greater understanding of your current life situation, challenges, problems, relationships, weight loss issues, illnesses, addictions, smoking, phobias, etc. Your first name and birth date are required. Please send Joyce your questions and problems. joycekellertvradio@gmail.com

LIVE, PHONE READING, GET AN APPOINTMENT WITHIN 1 – 2 DAYS! Pay thru PayPal, then email Joyce at joycekellertvradio@gmail.com One Hour, $400.

ANIMAL READING, for living or deceased pets… Know how they are, where they are, and what they are doing: Give name of animal, and birth date, if you know it. Free healing requests for living pets. A ONE-LINE QUESTION ABOUT YOUR ANIMAL: Free of charge. joycekellerradio@gmail.com

HEALING REQUESTS – Ask for a miracle; we will help you. Free of charge, of course! No donation. Just faith in God, devotion and love. Send an emailed request to: joycekellertvradio@gmail.com Joyce will respond asap.

WHAT TO EXPECT IN A PSYCHIC READING BY JOYCE: Honesty, integrity, consideration, and fully answered, channeled responses.

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