Thoughts On The Corona Pandemic

Help! Three days of darkness! Riots! Food and water shortages! People running and screaming in the streets! Break-ins! Oh, please. I’m getting such a headache. Let’s take a breath, please. Stop. Take some deep breaths. Stop listening to media news and anything that is upsetting or distressing. Please, let us think about this Corona madness as positively as possible.

This pandemic is most likely a wake-up call. No, the planet is not going to blow up and combust. The world is not coming to an end. However, I feel that it is a wake-up call for humanity to RE-EVALUATE its priorities. Do we really respect our planet? Do we respect ourselves? Do we take good care of ourselves and each other? Well, the powers-that-be don’t always make it easy for us. For example, the USA Food Stamp Program, or “SNAP” which serves folks who are down on their luck and in need of good food and sustenance, the opportunity of having soda, ice cream, cookies, candies and chips, but it does not allow vitamin or mineral supplements! That is crazy, and totally counter-productive! Time to wake up! – Joyce www.JoyceKeller.com

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