A Metaphysical Examination On Kobe Bryant’s Death

A Metaphysical Examination On Kobe Bryant’s Death

Kobe Bryant was born August 23, a very old, advanced soul, having brought many of his past-life experiences to his current incarnation, He succeeded at almost everything he attempted, When he crossed over Sunday morning, he was ready for his journey to his heavenly home. He tells me that while he was prepared by our Creator for his demise, his daughter GiGi was not quite as ready, but decided to go with him anyway. They were soul mates, even though they were father and daughter.

His wife, Vanessa, was also aware of the impending danger. That is the reason they had the policy of never flying together. Kobe says that he and Gigi went immediately to what could be called, “Basketball Heaven,” but it really a place in paradise for those who deserve that reward. His helicopter pilot, Ara Zaboyon, was not quite as fortunate, and his after-life transition has been more of a challenge. His holy, healing angels are trying to help him cross over, but he is dealing with tremendous guilt. He says that the accident was completely his fault, which is incorrect. He had full clearance from the tower. The problem, he says, is that the cloud cover was so heavy that he could not see, and did not realize that the helicopter was crashing in to a mountainside. He is in the process of going in to a healing phase, where he will sleep for a while, while his soul re-adjusts to the reality of the situation. He has to realize that there are no accidents, and this crash was pre-destined for all nine souls that passed away.

Consciously, no one fully realized what was awaiting them on this trip, but their super-conscious minds were all prepared and aware of their upcoming transition. This includes the other family that was on board. They seem to be adjusting to the new situation, and are all in what would bests be described as healing waters. They will all rest, while they re-adjust. But it is important to know that they are in a safe, comfortable, light-filled, God-centered home. It is our true home, and we are all simply “visitors” to the place called earth.

Our prayers and love for those who have crossed over, are very important, and very appreciated. Our prayers and love comes to them as bouquets of love and joy! They do not want us to grieve too long. Our grief will be felt by them, and will tie them closer to the earth. The amazing universe awaits for all who cross over. It is a warm, loving place of comfort and serenity. No more bills, problems earthly challenges. Let us send all who depart our prayers of love, appreciation and joy. Kobe is applauding and appreciating this message!

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